Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Photos of my spring garden

this is my first post since last November. I have been battling continuing poor health and also bipolar disorder which is so crippling.

One way I try and help myself is to do a little bit of gardening. Last autumn I planted lots of spring bulbs and my garden is looking so pretty right now, I garden on a tiny budget so wait for special offers from bulb catalogues, here are some photos of how my garden looks today, the bright colours make me smile even on dark days when I don't feel up to doing anything. Last Sunday I managed to re-stain part of my picket fence, I sat on the pavement in my own little world, I find it very relaxing and therapeutic.

this last photo was put on the docrafts forum last week, think it came from a newspaper originally, I loved it so much as it made me smile so I've made it my screensaver, now I can see this cheery, cheeky little chappie every day, he looks so glad to be alive!
thanks for any comments, fi x