Thursday, 25 August 2011

Photos from Rachel & Tony's wedding - 20th August 2011

After torrential rain and floods in the morning the rain finally died down and by the time the wedding was over and the photos were taken, the sun had come out. Here are some photos of my family on such a joyous family occasion.

                                                                  The happy couple

Rachel & Tony with her parents & a dear family friend George, next to Rachel, who flew over from Canada especailly for the wedding!
with their bridesmaids - Amy, Tony's daughter & Donna, Rachel's daughter
my beloved husband Andy, a very proud brother with his little sister, my beautiful SIL Rachel.
Our beautiful daughter Anne-Marie and her lovely partner Toni
Our handsome son Dan with his beautiful partner Sorrel. (Carrie and I recently visited them in Bristol, where they are about to start the 2nd year of  law degrees)
Our 3 gorgeous nieces, Rachel's daughters -
Donna, bridesmaid
her twin Rebecca, 4 months pregnant
their younger sister Valerie, 7 months pregnant
all looked stunning!

What a wonderful day we had and the weather was glorious, thankyou for sharing this special day that we will remember always.


  1. What Fab Pictures Fi, It looks like you had a wonderful day. Its lovely to see your family, and a lovely picture pic of you and Andy xx We seem to have both had Beautiful wedding celebrations this month, Doesn't it give you that feel good lift. Huge Hugs Mau xx

  2. Stunning pics Fi! Lovely one of you and Andy and then all those very pretty girls too! Your family are very handsome - can see why you are so proud of them all! Take care, Sheila:)X

  3. Great pics - glad the weather turned out nice for you

  4. Gorgeous photos, so glad the weather cheered up for them

  5. Great photos Fiona and such a lovely day, Congratulatons to the happy couple.

  6. Lovely pictures, looks like you all had a lovely day. Debs xx

  7. Aww how lovely, Congratulations to the couple.

    Becky x

  8. Beautiful photos...I should think they make wonderful memory pages in your scrapbooks.

  9. ooo super photos thank you for sharing looks like everybody was having fun ... just doing a bit of blog hopping happy crafting and love sandy xx

  10. What fab photos from such a special occasion

  11. Everyone looks beautiful and it it looks like you had a gorgeous day. That will make a beautiful scrapbook xx

  12. i bet they wee really chuffed the sun came out. we weren't so lucky - it drizzled all day!!!! pix were confined to the staircase in the hotel!