Saturday, 25 February 2012

My craft room

I finally got my own little sanctuary, my craftroom, 6 foot by 6 foot last February, after our son left home to go to uni and Carrie had his bedroom, leaving the boxroom for me. It will always be a work in progress, but if I wait for it to be perfectly finished and completely organised and tidy, then I'll be waiting a lifetime, as organising doesn't come easily to me, how I wish it did! Here are some photos, that some of you have been asking to see.

My windowsill, to the left of my computer desk, sorry for dark photo .

My computer table and new computer chair, a Christmas presnet from hubby, so comfy! the walls are painted lilac, my favourite colour, so soothing, the carpet is heather.
Far left end of my 5 foot long donated desk, stereo, always have music on - loud! My display wall for swap tags from Docrafts scrapbook forum and some cards from DC friends, and my eclectic storage solution, made up of bargains, donations and recycled gifts. More details in next photos -
Top left my new tiny RUBs, bought with Christmas money, they will go onto floating shelf above desk when hubby gets around to it!

Bottom right, purple storage drawers bought by my sister which store 3D stickers and clear stamps.
Wooden painted drawers which belonged to my late friend Deb, on top of which I store my tiny C& C poly boxes which hold bows and tiny flowers, sorted by colour, as well as a gift box and (on wall) dotee doll from Sue on scrapbook forum, another photo below.
At the back, in the middle of my desk I store my buttons, gems and other tiny embellishments in C & C boxes, Ikea jars and recycled jars including Yankee candle jars, mainly by colour or type of embellishment.
Back left, my A4 papers and card storage, a velvet box which was a Christmas present with a cake in, in front of which are V & A tiny tins, also a Christmas present and my sewing kit on top, & more buttons soeted by size in vertical screw-together tower.

Right, basket bought from asda whcih holds my paper scraps in A5 poly bags sorted by colour, and at the front, my 6" x 6" paper pads.
At far right end of my desk, my 12" x 12" papers and card storage solution. Poly box, 3 pink Dovecraft  upright folders, holding paper/card sorted by colour/design/texture/theme etc. A3 clear folders holding large embellishemtn sheets, unfinished decoupage etc, all kept upright in large RUB.
At back in corner, a corner unit for displaying cards, will go one wall eventually, another job for hubby to do!

First of 2 recycled bedroom wall units, on wall at right angles to my desk, I kept the doors off so I can easily see where everything is.
top left - basket for tags and 3 folders of peel-off stickers
top middle - paper trimmer on top of boxes of donated nesties, diecuts, sorted by shape.
top right - mini tower of drawers holding adhesive stones, pens and scissors'

bottom left - 4 drawers which hold made-up decoupage, words and sentiments and flat images.
bottom right - a recycled Christmas box and another poly box holding card blanks and envelopes, & nest to them, my Big Bite cropodile.
right hand wall unit.
Top left - Tim Holtz distress inks, 2 boxes with inks and embossing powders, basket of oddments, pink craft organiser with decoupage projects inside.
Bottom left - wicker tray with decoupage sheets to cut out. 2 large boxes of ribbon, so far sorted into pastels and brights
bottom right - box of adhesives and boxes of chipboard letters.

Below these storage units are more storage units, not ready to show these yet as they are a long way from being organised.

iI hope you like my tour of my craftroom, this is my sanctuary from all the stresses of life, my own space to craft and create and just to be me, never had my own space before and just love it!


  1. Ooooo fab craft room it looks so tidy,lovely anniversary cards too
    hope you are well
    Hugs Lorna xx

  2. Lovely craft room, so neat and tidy.

  3. Look great Fiona so tidy happy crafting in there Ginny x

  4. fiona,this is perfect,love how you have arranged the things you love around you ie the pictures and photos,great storage ideas,can see you happy and enjoying yourself in your fab craft room,x

  5. Great craft area and so tidy! wonderful space to craft away till your hearts content!

  6. lovely craft room fi,have fun sue xx

  7. What a wonderful room to escape to and craft!

  8. Ohh Fiona you are a lot better organised than me its great. Happy weekend to you Chris xx

  9. Lovely craft room and well organised. xx

  10. Hope you have a lot of happy time, crafting away in your new room. xx Jill B

  11. Ohhhh your room is beautiful. My New Years Resolution was to sort out my room ans buy a good supply of papers as Im such a bad crafter and never have any nice patterned paper pads! So room is still a tip but I did buy a paper pad the other day! Im such a disaster, lol. Have fun in your lovely room. Lee x

  12. What a lovely (and tidy, unlike mine!) craft room! x

  13. Fabulous craftroom, its lovely to have your own little sanctuary, I miss mine as I had to give it up when my son and his partner split up and he came home. Love Jayne. x x

  14. Oh wow!!! aren't you tidy! What a stunning craft room, beautifully set out, it must be a dream to work in.

  15. ooo looks very interesting ... when can I come and play lol ... just blog hopping ... thank you for visiting me ... have a great weekend ... well done happy crafting and love sandy xx

  16. Ooh, it looks great, enjoy your own wee sanctuary! xx

  17. Wow! what a great little "Me" space Fi, Perfect quiet time space, I so miss mine in the other house :( no room here I am afraid.
    Huge Hugs Mau xx
    hope you are keeping ok xx

  18. It's a lot tidier than mine. I just keep getting more stuff! Watch out, it will happen to you. Lovely retreat. Michelle x

  19. And you said you're no good at organising!! It's wonderful Fi. I love the view from your window - if that was me I'd be gazing out of the window when I should be working :-) Love the lilac & heather colours too. Congratulations on acquiring your very own craft room. Maddy x

  20. Love your craft room Fion, so neat and tidy. Tinaxx

  21. Ive nominated you for an award -

  22. Hi Fiona, Your room is lovely, you are so lucky girl. I also have something for you on my blog if you are willing to accept.

  23. there is a little something on my blog for you please take a peep ... happy crafting and love sandy xx