Thursday, 14 November 2013

Christmas bauble made at a class in Canada (mislaid it and only found it whilst tidying my craftroom today!)

Whilst staying in Canada this September I got cabin fever and was terribly homesick as I'd never been so far away from my grand-daughter but also my daughter, who works full-time but 2 weeks before we flew to Canada she broke her arm and was off sick, so I knew she would struggle as she couldn't do anything and has no coping strategies and was terribly bored, she learned how to type with her left hand so she could get online or she would have gone stir crazy. I amassed a massive phonebill but a dear friend paid it for me, knowing the reason for it, which was a real blessing.

Anyway we weren't getting out as much as we had hoped and on the drive to our host's home we had driven past a small scrapbook store, so I asked our host's housekeeper and it was only one block away, just 5 minutes walk on a lovely country path so I went there with my hubby Andy and met Herb and Lyn the proprieters, such lovely people, there was a cardmaking class taking place but they were happy for me to browse around them. I bought quite a bit of stash from them as they sell loads of Graphic45 and Bobunny products and its all up to date, not like my outdated craft store back home. Herb told me about 2 classes they were running and I decided to do them both, the first one was to decorate a christmas bauble, the 2nd class later in the week was to make and decorate an autumnal Bobunny tag book, I shall upload the pictures when its finished, I had to leave the class early as our hosts dog died suddenly and he wanted to go and say goodbye to her and then take us out to take his mind off it, so June the lady who ran the classes, Herb and Lynn's DIL took my email address and emailed me all the photos of how each page of the book should look like, but its not finished yet, so that will be for a later post.

the bauble class was great fun, we chose a Christmas themed peel-off that had room to be coloured in, and stuck it on the Perspex bauble. I have never used Sakura pens before, we used a combination of sakura glaze and Sakura soufflĂ© pens and I found it hard to get a smooth finish to the white soufflĂ© pen, but it is a handmade item and I enjoyed making it even if its not perfect!

We then tore and curled musical score papers, as well as lots of thin curling ribbon, another first for me, never curled ribbon before, we popped them inside the bauble then added the metal hanging cover, and we finished off by adding thin red ribbon and a loop of patterned organza ribbon to hang the bauble from, I really enjoyed the class and was pleased with my first ever decorated bauble, if I can source some more I shall make some with my grand-daughter Carrie.

                                                                  front of bauble

                                                                back of bauble


  1. Wow Fiona, this is gorgeous.

  2. wow super little bauble fi ... love the idea ... well done ... thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a super comment ... hope you have a great week ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  3. What an interesting project, Fi, quite lovely.

  4. Fabulous project - must look for some of these baubles and try this
    Linda x

  5. What a brilliant bauble! And I love the idea of filling the bauble.
    Heike xx

  6. Curling ribbon - that takes me back to my childhood! My grandmother was a whizz at that, she had a great big pair of scissors and used to finish off all the giftwrapping with some beautiful ribbon curls by running the ribbon over the scissor blades. So glad you enjoyed your trip Fi, even if you did get a bit homesick. And I have a confession to make, I only just noticed I wasn't following your blog. I'm so sorry! Anyway, have rectified the situation now. Also, don't know how I missed you on the blog hop on Sunday. Glad to visit. Maddy x